Rogo’s e-learning platform enables you to host course content such as videos, interactive lessons, PDFs, examination preparation notes and more, and deliver them around the world on a mobile device friendly solution.

Course Progression Tracking

Track your student’s progression through the course, see when they last accessed the course and what stage they are at. Add tests to measure their performance, students can see their progress and have all their test results in their own profile.

Test Feedback

Rogo can auto mark a variety of question types and automatically provide customised feedback for the student’s individual attempt. Feedback can consist of videos, text, pictures and links to materials they should revise to improve.

Event Triggers

Add triggers to parts of the course to automatically send the student an email when they reach that stage, such as reminders to book the final exam, or just a ‘check-up’ to see how they are doing. This helps keep student/tutor contact easily without the tutor needing to manually set reminder dates. You can also set communications to be sent if the student hasn’t visited their course in a while to encourage returning.

Other Features