Rich-media Questions

Question types include MCQ, MCMR, Financial, Text, Essay, File Upload, Video/Audio

Rogo allows you to use rich media, such as videos and audio, and a wide range of question types to cover all assessment options.  Multi-choice question banks, financial inputs, file upload and transfer, text input and essay answers are all fully supported.

Excel Emulator

Powerful spreadsheet functionality allows you to embed a spreadsheet into your tests, with the familiar look and feel to Microsoft’s Excel, without any local installation or software licence required. Fully supporting formulas and statements such as SUM() DATEDIFF() IF() along with graphs including pie, line, bar etc. this tool enables your candidates to create complex reports.

Word Processor

Rogo’s word processor allows you to introduce advanced text editing capabilities into your essay based tests.

With a rich collection of text formatting options and familiar layout emulating Microsoft Word, your candidates can create well formatted essays and reports. No local installation or licensing required enables hassle free distribution.

Other Features