New features are constantly being added to Rogo based on regular consultation with clients.

Each feature can be used independently, for example, the results and marking feature can be used independently of the test engine, allowing you to use other test engines or test centre networks where it is not possible to use Rogo for test delivery, or you can embed the test engine into another eLearning platform.



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View all features

We work with organisations to customise the Rogo platform to specific needs.

Rogo is created and developed by EinTech Ltd. Based in London UK with London developers and support teams, EinTech was formed on the principle that software should support not dictate business procedures, and be simple to use for quick onboarding, yet powerful enough for enterprise level use on a global scale.

Our goal is to offer the leading learning and testing products globally. Rogo is pitched at a range of clients, from the small college to the international training organisations, global corporations, and high stakes awarding bodies.


We have the pleasure of supplying solutions to these amazing clients:

Euroexam International

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rogo work with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

Yes – Rogo can be run without any local installation on any web-enabled device, including mobiles, tablets, and even TVs.

How is our content protected by Rogo?

Rogo is zero-footprint, meaning your content stays secure with no local copies being left on devices after use. You can also protect PDFs and other materials from being downloaded or printed, so you know your content is not being shared with anyone outside of Rogo.

Is Rogo available in countries like China?

Yes – Rogo is used in over 130 countries, including China. Rogo implements a Content Delivery Network for optimised global delivery of your content to your users wherever they are.

How is Rogo licensed?

We have different licensing options available for the different uses of Rogo, such as based on active users (individuals who log in during a month) or per test (for awarding bodies). Contact us to discuss the options that best suit your organisation.

Do we retain ownership of content uploaded and entered into Rogo?

Yes, all IP and data remains in your ownership.

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