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A word from James Carter, CEO of Eintech

At Rogo, we don’t believe in standing still. Creating eAssessment and remote learning platforms that work for YOU, works for us. That’s why we’ve designed Rogo from the ground up, incorporating features at every level that help you make the most of your eLearning platform.

James Carter, CEO of Eintech, explains why Rogo is your trusted partner in the future of EdTech.


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You don’t have to take our word for it – our remote learning platform is used in over 160 countries, from small teams to global organisations and awarding bodies. From exceptional customisation to industry-leading data security, Rogo offers everything you need to design the perfect eAssessment platform for your needs. And with our unparalleled flexibility, you can choose how much input you want – from a ready-to-go template to bespoke features throughout.

Remote Invigilation for peace of mind

Test delivery, practice papers and marking

Powerful analytics and reporting

Test authoring and brand customisation


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Design and deliver tests around the world with Rogo’s multiple testing options and rich-media integration


Customise and scale your eLearning platform to suit your needs, with our powerful assessment engine and bespoke features


Upload, review and assess project-based work with ease, all in one place and ready to access when you need it
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Rogo offers full customisation of your assessment using our question designer, including multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, gap fill, essay, and many more specialised formats. Plus, our custom branding and styles allow you to truly make the assessment your own.

Using our flexible question banking system, you can save your tests and access them easily for simple test versioning and moderation.

Design and customise your own assessment

Rogo’s fully functional test engine is accessible globally with no installation required. Compatible with any device, including mobile, Rogo is bandwidth light so can even be used in most areas with poor internet connectivity.

Plus, we host full online courses which blend seamlessly with our eAssessment test engine, offering you the full package in one place.

Deliver your tests with confidence, anywhere in the world

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Rogo can auto-mark even complex question types, offering follow-through marking to allow for manual checking if preferred. Our embedded annotation software and ghost marking features make marking quick, simple and fair.

Plus, with live reporting available and custom analytics, find out the reporting information that matters to you in our clear and digestible data representation.

Streamline your assessment with test marking and reporting

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From remote invigilation and record-and-review software, to disaster-resilience and data masking, your integrity and security is safe. We use physical security provided by Microsoft thanks to our Azure platform development, as well as transparent data protection measures and machine learning to prevent malicious attacks.

And with our online proctoring services, you can be sure that your candidates are working in secure environments and maintaining exam conditions.

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