Rich-media Questions

Question types include
MCQ, MCMR, Financial, Text, Essay, File Upload, Video/Audio
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Screen Designer

A WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create customised screen layouts

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Excel & Word

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Rogo is a customisable e-Assessment & online course delivery system.

With multiple testing options and rich-media integration, you can design and release courses and tests easily and distribute anywhere in the world.

Question types include MCQ, MCMR, Financial, Text, Essay, File Upload, Video/Audio

A WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create customised screen layouts

White-labelled to take the look and feel of your website and design

Host course content such as videos, interactive lessons, PDFs, examination preparation notes and more

Completely web-based, available worldwide instantly, no additional software needed

Take into account candidates other answers, so that one small mistake does not follow through the whole paper

Not just right or wrong, accept different answers, each with a different mark

Detailed Statistics

Drill-down through paper versions to individual questions


Available in different languages and character types

Professional SEO services

Rogo will save you time & money

Rogo puts you in control, allowing you to create your own custom test screens, make changes and preview them instantly, no waiting for 3rd parties.

Rogo has been designed & developed from the ground up using experience gained from within an awarding body

New and innovative features are added regularly

Secure, reliable and accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year

Other Features

Rogo is brimming with features enabling you to maximise efficiency

Social Media Marketing

Rogo’s responsive design allows you to publish tests across multiple platforms, writing one test allows your students to use PCs, Macs, tablets or smart phone.


Test preview allows you to see what your test will look like on various devices before publishing.

Collaboration Tools

Internal and remote team members can work together during test development and authoring, preview tests as they would appear on the student’s screen or in a test centre.


Rogo has version tracking and change notes for author moderation.

Centre-based Testing

Rogo can also connect to testing centres around the world, both proctored (including bring your own device) and remote proctored testing is available.


Implementing our partner test centre networks, either as a full solution or supplementing your own network, we can host your examinations around the world.

Sophisticated assessment engine allows you to tailor and control your own tests and assessments easily and quickly

Connect to your database - simple to use API allows your existing infrastructure to connect and control Rogo

Multiple delivery options, at home or centre computer-based testing

Comprehensive feedback, customisable result notifications, model answers

Assessment data is attached to the student. Meaning the grades follow the student throughout his/her school life – making data analysis easier

Multiple question types available – MCQ, MCMR, Financial, Text, Essay, File Upload, Video/Audio

Question paper versioning, compare changes and track history

Online Course Materials – can upload materials such as course chapters or revision kits

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