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Test authoring and item banking

Optimise your eLearning with Rogo’s custom features

Rogo was built to educate, and we pride ourselves on offering the best combination of features to facilitate success in online education. From rich media format support to progress tracking, find out more about Rogo’s custom eLearning options with a FREE demo.


Keep it secure

Share documents in PDF format with confidence thanks to our secure PDF technology, preventing unauthorised downloading, printing or sharing to maintain your course’s integrity.

Test delivery and practice papers
Test delivery and practice papers

Multiple format support

Learning should be engaging, and engagement requires more than slideshows and documents. That’s why Rogo supports a variety of rich media formats, including video and interactive files.

Progress monitoring

From activity tracking and progress reporting to compulsory modules and eligibility settings, personalise your students’ performance with Rogo’s comprehensive progress monitoring tools.

Test delivery and practice papers
Test delivery and practice papers

Teaching freedom

Want to give your teachers more control? Or maybe streamline their workload by automating more processes? With Rogo, you can set your tutor controls to allow as much or as little access as is suitable for your organisation.

With Rogo, you don’t have to compromise your brand to access the best features. We offer full, customisable branding across your platform to help you create synergy between your end point assessment and your wider business.

Customise everything

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Automate your online learning strategy by adding event triggers that send alerts to students. From reminders to book a final exam to module completions, keep your students updated without lifting a finger with Rogo.

Event triggers

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Test marking and results

Studying around employment can be a delicate balance, but Rogo makes it easy to add flexibility to your online learning. Access dates and course lengths can be altered to suit your students’ needs.

Flexible learning

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Test marking and results

At Rogo, your security is our number one priority. That’s why we use Microsoft Azure to ensure a completely secure platform for both you and your students, offering true protection for both data and course integrity.

Staying secure

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