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eAssessment isn’t just about examinations and scoring – a great online platform offers features to aid in exam prep, too. That’s why Rogo’s global test delivery functions are equipped to provide practice papers, as well as final assessments, to your global student body. Plus, with Rogo’s comprehensive features, you can trust that the tests are easy to use and intuitive to navigate. Find out more about Rogo’s test and practice paper delivery with a FREE demo.


Save scores to save time

Don’t worry about forgetting your progress with Rogo’s inbuilt saving mechanism for practice test scores, where students can review their work at a later date for revision, or share with their tutors for personalised feedback.

Automated feedback

Take the pressure off your assessors with Rogo’s automated feedback options. Utilise feedback solutions ranging from generic answers to more detailed advice, even on calculated questions.

Custom layouts

Make your test paper layout as straightforward as possible with customisable features and functions, including options for a calculator, reading ruler, question flagging tool and navigation function.

On the go? So is Rogo

Rogo is wherever your students are. Compatible with any device, including mobile technology, we make sure that your students can access their assessments and practice papers from anywhere in the world.


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