A customisable and scalable eLearning platform for use by small teams up to enterprise scale learning. With an integrated powerful assessment engine you can track progress and skill improvement across teams, departments, and student cohorts.

Rogo is bursting with features to help optimise your time

Each feature can be used independently, for example, the results and marking feature can be used independently of the test engine, allowing you to use other test engines or test centre networks where it is not possible to use Rogo for test delivery, or you can embed the test engine into another e-learning platform.


Host full courses, online CPD, recruitment on-boarding, or other webinars, blend with the powerful eAssessment test engine, and deliver worldwide.

  • Many rich media formats supported (audio, video, interactive)
  • Secure PDFs – prevent downloading, printing, or sharing
  • Tutor resources folders
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) for fast loading of course content worldwide
  • Progress tracking – activity reports for employers
  • Progress rules / eligibility rules – block content/tests until completed pre-requisites
  • Tutor allocation and controls
  • Personalised welcome emails and progress notifications from tutor


Live reporting, overviews, team and cohort views with learning outcomes and skill strength charts.

  • Custom fields – such as demographics, department, or experience
  • Item statistics including time spent on item, individual responses given (including sub item parts), and demographic breakdown
  • Group and report on teams, classes, departments or other cohorts
  • Clear graphical representation of data
  • Reports available to partner colleges or clients (e.g. employee progress)
  • Export raw data to Excel formats
  • Auto secure bulk export to SFTP or other data service available

Progression Tracking & Eligibility

Advanced tracking helps learners log their progress, combine this with eligibility rules to make content automatically appear at set stages or dates.

  • Activity reports on departments/cohorts and individual learners
  • Track who is, and who is not, using the resources
  • Set pre-requisites before access is enabled to specific resources
  • Enable/disable access to a resource for different cohorts
  • Set date ranges where resources become available


Rogo helps by taking care of the basic tasks, allowing you to spend more time with your student or creating materials.

  • No activity ‘nudges’ to encourage use of the resources
  • Auto-tutor allocation and welcome emails
  • Auto-marking with result email and feedback / study advice
  • Auto email results to bosses
  • Test completion notification emails
  • Scheduled emails/reminders
  • Online registration and payments


Built-in powerful assessment platform, used by awarding bodies, packed with features, integrates seamlessly with your learning material to verify progress. Tag questions to enable the Skills Map to compare proficiency in learning outcomes.

  • Many question types available (multi-choice, multi-response, financial/accounting, drag and drop, hotspot, gap fill, essay, Excel emulation, matrix, ranking, file transfer (assignment/EPAs) and more)
  • Auto feedback for learner including study advice
  • Exhibits and supplemental information such as documents and audio/video
  • Test history stored, allowing learner and tutor to easily look back and compare
  • Timed or open-ended tests
  • ePortfolio and End Point Assessment (EPA)
  • Test wide exhibits
  • Customisable test screen layout
  • On screen functions including calculator, reading ruler, question flagging, navigator
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compatible
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Variable marking (e.g. half marks for partially correct responses)
  • Skills map comparison against cohort/class and college/organisation
  • Can lock progress until passed assessment
  • Auto-marking
  • Hybrid marking – Rogo auto-marks part and hands the rest to human marker
  • Auto-marker allocation
  • Zero-footprint marking (no script download needed)
  • Embedded annotation software

Branding & Sub-portals

Your Rogo will be in your design, even during test delivery. For your branches overseas, learning providers, or partner firms, you can create individually branded or co-branded sub-portals.

  • Custom branding and styles
  • Use your own domain
  • Custom email servers
  • Multiple languages available
  • Sub-portals with individual domains, branding, users, and permission roles
  • Increase interaction with partners and learning providers
  • Client receives their own live analytics on their students/staff
  • Other reporting available, such as who is using the practice exams and weak knowledge areas
  • Can allow client to create their own content
  • Share courses, exam revision packs or other content easily


Rogo offers many options for connecting your existing SIS, LMS, or CRM systems, or for importing data as part of the initial transfer.

  • Simple and secure APIs
  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Embed Rogo on your own platform or website
  • LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) compatible
  • Quick links to take enrolments and bookings via email or simple buttons on your website with no coding required
  • QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) compatible
  • SCORM test import
  • Moodle XML test import
  • Flat text import (.txt files)
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values) import/export
  • Integrates with 3rd party test centre networks and test engines to handle eligibility control, marking, result distribution, and statistical analysis

We take security seriously

As we are a critical solutions provider to many organisations, security and reliability are some of our top priorities.

  • Military-grade security provided by Microsoft
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Data masking at database level
  • Customisable permission roles and eligibility
  • Anti-malware
Reliability & Redundancy
  • All data changes written to four locations
  • Load balanced across multiple data centres
  • Real-time analytics and resource monitoring
  • Auto scaling to optimise performance
  • Infinitely scalable
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