Rogo for corporate onboarding

Simplifying the corporate
onboarding process​


Streamline your corporate training and onboarding

At Rogo, we know how important it is that your employees are competent and trained, and that starts with their onboarding. Whether you’re a small company or an international giant, corporate training is a crucial part of the business’ progress and Rogo is here to help. Discover how our features, from custom branding to progress reviews, can bring your corporate onboarding eAssessment to life by booking a FREE demo today.


Custom branding​

Simple dashboard


Progress review


Where is EdTech headed for corporate onboarding?​

Discover the future of online assessment, and how Rogo helps you make the most of it in your corporate onboarding process.


Bring your brand to life​

Create your assessment in your own design with Rogo’s custom branding options, helping to ensure a professional and coherent look throughout your platform. And it’s not all-or-nothing – our sub-portals offer full branded flexibility.

Product - Product design
Product design - Presentation

Digestible dashboards​

Rogo makes your corporate onboarding simple with easy-to-use dashboards. Find the information you and your employees need to know at a glance with customisable layouts and features.

No-fuss feedback

Help your employees to learn as they go with a range of real-time, automatic feedback options that streamline the corporate onboarding process and add to the learning experience you can offer.

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Web page - Computer program

At-a-glance progress review

Keep up to date with your team’s progress through Rogo’s clearly presented and easily digestible progress reviews, available for both individual employees and collective team progression data.


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Rogo is a part of the Eintech family of forward-thinking EdTech solutions. Bringing you future-proof innovations powered by our expansive knowledge of the industry, discover the next generation of EdTech with Eintech.