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Assessment is a crucial aspect of every apprenticeship, and providers need an online end point assessment platform they can trust. Rogo provides the ideal platform for truly accurate and impartial apprentice assessment, offering unmissable features that streamline your end point assessment requirements. To find out how Rogo can bring your end point assessment to life, book a FREE demo today.


Custom branding

Risk ratings and

Security you can trust

Flexible assessment


Where is EdTech headed for end point assessment?

Discover the future of end point assessment, and how Rogo helps your apprenticeships make the most of it.


Customise everything

With Rogo, you don’t have to compromise your brand to access the best features. We offer full, customisable branding across your platform to help you create synergy between your end point assessment and your wider business.


Managing risk

Set up rules for assigning risk rating and evidence requirements to make sure your assessment is fully accurate. Not sure where to start? Rogo provides access to risk advice statistics to help you test with confidence.

Flex your assessments

Studying around employment can be a delicate balance, but Rogo makes it easy to add flexibility to your end point assessments. Submission and resubmission windows can be altered to suit your students’ needs.


Staying secure

At Rogo, your security is our number one priority. That’s why we use Microsoft Azure to ensure a completely secure platform for both you and your apprentices, offering true protection for both data and assessment integrity.


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An Eintech Innovation

Rogo is a part of the Eintech family of forward-thinking EdTech solutions. Bringing you future-proof innovations powered by our expansive knowledge of the industry, discover the next generation of EdTech with Eintech.