Remote Invigilation
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remote invigilation

Embrace digital assessments with remote invigilation

Remote proctoring has been instrumental in enabling the success of online assessment. It allows assessment providers to trust that their exam integrity is maintained from anywhere in the world, and increases flexibility for everyone involved. Find out more about Rogo’s remote invigilation feature with a FREE demo.


Live invigilation or record and review

Rogo offers two types of remote invigilation – live proctoring and recording for later review. This allows assessors to return to the video in the case of any concerns and address them with confidence.

remote invigilation
remote invigilation

Multiple streams

What’s better than one video? Three videos! Rogo enables three simultaneous video streams, including mobile recording, for full viewing in different angles – helping to ensure a truly fair testing environment.

Improving flexibility

The main benefit of remote proctoring is the increased flexibility it enables. Candidates can now take their assessments from anywhere in the world, and invigilators can monitor them from wherever they are, too.

remote invigilation
remote invigilation


There’s no need to access multiple systems to ensure quality invigilation, as Rogo offers everything within a single system. Plus, your remote proctor is trained in reducing terminology confusion and student stress.

Remote invigilation

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