Automate your eLearning
Automation functionalities to streamline your experience

Test authoring and item banking

Do it yourself? No, thank you.

At Rogo, we believe you shouldn’t have to do it all yourself. That’s why we offer bespoke automation options that keep students motivated, informed and on track – without adding to your workload. From automatic results delivery to nudges, find out more about Rogo’s automation features with a FREE demo.


No-stress nudges

Students who are unfamiliar with online learning can easily become overwhelmed with the range of options available. But Rogo is here to help, with automated nudges sent to those with low activity, encouraging use of our varied resources.


Feedback and results

Rogo is equipped to auto-mark a broad variety of question types, but did you know that we can also offer automated study advice and feedback? Your students can trust that they’re receiving useful and personalised advice, automatically.

Schedule everything

eLearning periods can be busy, with many deadlines, course dates and more to remember. Rogo streamlines this by offering scheduled emails and reminders, so you can rest assured that your students will receive the information they need, when they need it.


Onboarding automation

Streamline your eLearning onboarding without lifting a finger, thanks to Rogo’s easy-to-use online registration and payment automations. Plus, we can automatically allocate tutors and send welcome emails so your students feel welcomed and supported.

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