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Project-based assessment, in one
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From apprenticeships to professional development, some assessment and learning programmes require a longer-term approach. That’s why Rogo’s ePortfolio assessment solutions offer a simple platform that can handle it all. Upload, store and mark everything from documents and slideshows to video and audio submissions, all in one place. Discover how our ePortfolio service can improve your qualification by booking a FREE demo today.



Fully customisable design and content

Create an ePortfolio assessment that makes it easy for your candidates to upload files, with the help of Rogo’s full range of customisation features. Choose from options including custom branding and design to make your mark.

Access your platform with confidence, anywhere in the world

Rogo is available globally and compatible with any device, including mobile. What’s more, Rogo is specially designed for accessibility, even in many areas with poor internet connectivity.


Streamline your projects with optimised test marking

Rogo simplifies the marking for project-based assignments, by enabling assessors to easily access the wide variety of uploaded files required for the assessment and mark them, all within the one platform.

Stress-free security

Your Rogo platform offers the best security available for both students and assessors. Our service makes use of the Microsoft Azure software to make sure you and your candidates are safe and secure.


The Future of Online Education

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How to optimise your eAssessment platform for students

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