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At Rogo, we don’t believe in standing still. Creating eAssessment and remote learning platforms that work for YOU, works for us. That’s why we’ve designed Rogo from the ground up, incorporating features at every level that help you make the most of your eAssessment platform. 

James Carter, CEO of Eintech, explains why Rogo is your trusted partner in the future of EdTech.

Our Mission

At Rogo, we want to simplify the EdTech sector. We work to revolutionise eAssessment and eLearning by bringing an ever-evolving portfolio of customisable features to our customers in one easy-to-use online education platform. Education is for everyone, and so are we – Rogo is a great fit from international training organisations to apprenticeship providers, global corporations and high stakes awarding bodies.


The Evolution of Rogo

From the origins of our parent company, Eintech, to the future of Rogo, find out more about our history.

How can Rogo help you?

Interested in finding out more about how Rogo’s fully customisable eAssessment and eLearning platforms can support your requirements?

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Powered by Eintech

Discover the potential of SaaS with our parent company, Eintech. From idea generation to solution development, Eintech is championing the future of EdTech.

An Eintech Innovation

Rogo is a part of the Eintech family of forward-thinking EdTech solutions. Bringing you future-proof innovations powered by our expansive knowledge of the industry, discover the next generation of EdTech with Eintech.