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Test authoring and item banking

Enhance your learning strategies with Rogo

Quality reporting and data can drastically improve the online learning experience, for both students and assessors alike. Rogo takes pride in its reporting services, offering a range of customisable metrics and display formats to ensure a simple experience. Find out more about Rogo’s reporting functionalities for eLearning with a FREE demo.


Custom fields

With Rogo, you can customise your metrics to ensure that you see the information you want. Plus, discover item statistics that differentiate between individual responses for the most specific reporting possible.


Share your findings

Rogo reports are available to share with partner colleges or clients, perfect for ensuring employee progress across a wider team. And with raw data export options for Excel formats, accessing reports in any format has never been easier.

Keeping it clear

Enjoy engaging and intuitive reporting thanks to Rogo’s clear graphical representations. Whatever data set you’re looking at, you can trust that we’ll provide it in a concise and easily digestible format, so you don’t spend your time hunting through reports.


Group goals or individual insights

Do you need access to individual reporting for measuring student progress, or group metrics that explain how a team or class has done as a whole? With Rogo, you don’t need to choose. Switch between individual and group reporting with ease.


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