Test authoring and item banking
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Test authoring and item banking
Test authoring and item banking

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Assessment is a crucial aspect of every apprenticeship, and providers need an online end point assessment platform they can trust. Rogo provides the ideal platform for truly accurate and impartial apprentice assessment, offering unmissable features that streamline your end point assessment requirements. To find out how Rogo can bring your end point assessment to life, book a FREE demo today.


Formatting made simple

With Rogo’s wide range of question formats, including multi-choice, essay, drag and drop and specialist financial formats, authoring your custom assessments has never been easier.

Test authoring and item banking
Test authoring and item banking

Metadata = better data

Discover endless metadata personalisation with Rogo’s custom tagging, including unlimited categories and rule allocations.

Questions that provide solutions

Professional development is unique, and different careers require different question types. That’s why Rogo offers a wide variety of question formats to choose from, including spreadsheets, to ensure you can test what’s important to you.

Test authoring and item banking
Test authoring and item banking

Random testing, equal difficulties

Rogo’s item banking facilities mean that you can save hundreds of questions on the platform, but that’s not all. We can use the banked questions to develop randomised tests for each student, ensuring an equal difficulty level across the board.

Importing options

Not all LMS platforms are the same, so we make sure that you can import your work between as many varieties as possible. Rogo is compatible with SCORM test importing, flat text importing and CSV importing.


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