Analytics and reporting
Insights to inform your eAssessments


Make sense of your results with Rogo

At Rogo, we know the importance of tracking progress, results and other crucial metrics in eAssessment. That’s why we’ve made our analytics as streamlined and insightful as possible, offering the information you need to know in an easily digestible format. Find out more about Rogo’s analytics and reporting functionalities with a FREE demo.


Reporting as it happens

Assessment periods are busy, and we know how useful it is to receive reporting in a timely manner. Rogo offers live reporting on results as soon as they have been received by our engine, so you’re not waiting for the insights you want.

analytics and reporting
analytics and reporting

Let’s get graphical

It can be frustrating to decipher reams of seemingly meaningless analytical reporting, which is why Rogo provides its analytics in the form of clear graphical representations. No more scouring an endless report for the data set you need!

Analytics, your way

Looking for data from a specific date range or student demographic? There’s no need for manual searches with Rogo’s customisable field settings. With a range of options to choose from, you can trust that you’ll find the information you were looking for.

Analytics and reporting
Analytics and reporting

Share your reports

With Rogo, your reports are available to share with your partner colleges or clients, so everyone can maintain visibility. From employee progress to qualifications results, send your reports to those who need them with ease.


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