Continued professional development
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Test authoring and item banking

Elevate your CPD assessment strategy

Rogo isn’t just for official qualifications – we’re equipped to facilitate every type of online learning experience, including continued professional development. With a range of features that make Rogo easy to use for both employees and their managers, find out more about how we can improve your online CPD with a FREE demo.


Straightforward interface

Rogo is designed with the user in mind, so our platforms are simple and intuitive to navigate. Plus, add custom functions to your bespoke layout to suit your needs, including calculator, reading ruler, question flagging and page navigation.


Feedback freedom

Busy managers can struggle to find the time to offer meaningful feedback to their teams. That’s why Rogo makes it easier by providing a range of automated feedback options, from generic answers to more detailed advice.


Switching to an online CPD platform is both sustainable and cost-efficient thanks to easily accessible online training and assessment. Eliminate the need for paper copies and never lose your tests again!


Make marking work for you

We know your custom assessments aren’t always straightforward to mark, so we offer the option for variable and relative marking, allowing for half-marks and conditional rules.


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An Eintech Innovation

Rogo is a part of the Eintech family of forward-thinking EdTech solutions. Bringing you future-proof innovations powered by our expansive knowledge of the industry, discover the next generation of EdTech with Eintech.