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With Rogo, awarding organisations can trust that your online assessment is in the best hands. Discover how our features, from enhanced security to custom branding, can bring your eAssessment to life by booking a FREE demo today.



Security you can trust

Expert technical support

Remote invigilation

Custom branding options


Where is EdTech headed for awarding organisations?​

Discover the future of online assessment, and how Rogo helps awarding organisations make the most of it.


Security for peace of mind​

You can expect the best security available from your Rogo platform – both in terms of assessment integrity and data. We use Microsoft Azure to make sure you and your candidates are safe and secure.

Awarding organisations

Expert support whenever you need it

With Rogo, you get so much more than an eAssessment platform. Access the full range of expertise from Eintech, the company behind Rogo. From market insights to technical support, we’re here to help.

Remote invigilation

Rogo’s new remote invigilation functionality allows awarding organisations to monitor candidates wherever they are, without the need for a test centre. We offer live invigilation and record and review to suit all needs.

Awarding organisations

Flexible branding options​

Develop your own branded assessment through the custom branding options available with Rogo. Plus, go even further by branding our sub-portals, helping to ensure a coherent and professional appearance through your assessment.

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An Eintech Innovation

Rogo is a part of the Eintech family of forward-thinking EdTech solutions. Bringing you future-proof innovations powered by our expansive knowledge of the industry, discover the next generation of EdTech with Eintech.