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Language learning made simple​

Language learning apps are on the rise and, with them, interest in online language learning. Make the most of your language assessment with Rogo’s specialised features, from question formats to authoring in any language. Book a FREE demo today to find out more.


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Where is EdTech headed for online language learning?

Discover the future of online assessment, and how Rogo helps your industry make the most of it.


Any questions?​

Online language learning is a unique assessment experience, and Rogo is equipped with a variety of question formats, including audio and video options, to help get the most from your candidates.

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Questions in any language​

With Rogo’s easy-to-use question designing tool, it’s quick and easy to develop your own questions in whichever language you choose – even those with different character sets and text directions.

Additional languages​

Rogo offers platform actions in 11 languages including Greek, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Japanese, but we’re not limited. We’re happy to discuss additional language translations to better suit your assessment needs.

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Make marking easier

Whether you’re looking to streamline the process with automarking, ensure accuracy with blind marking or get the best of both worlds with a hybrid marking set up, Rogo offers a range of marking options to suit your needs.


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