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Trusted, secure test centre services through our partners Reed Assessment

Rogo is already trusted by our users to deliver secure on-screen exams in over 180 countries, including China, the US and Central Africa.

Through our partnership with Reed Assessment, we are now proud to offer a secure, trusted test centre network with access to 135 direct-managed UK.

Reed Assessment test centres process millions of candidates each year, providing Awarding Bodies with the highest levels of confidence in the integrity of their assessments, all while providing a candidate-focused experience to ensure a smooth test day.

When combined with the power of the Rogo platform, you’re granted the stability of an end-to-end experience, with no sacrifice of flexibility in either exam creation or delivery.


Who are Reed Assessment?

Reed Assessment is part of Reed in Partnership, a public service provider that has been trusted by government and other organisations for over 25 years.

They are currently responsible for the DVSA Driving Theory Test assessment.

You can discover more about their commitment to Accessibility, Security and Compliance at reedassessment.com

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Learn how the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) deliver 2 million tests a year while remaining committed to accessibility and government level compliance.

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The Candidate Experience

As well as meeting strict security and regulatory requirements, Reed Assessment are dedicated to providing your candidates with the best possible experience.  


Whether you’re just looking for somewhere to deliver your exams, or a full end-to-end solution, the team are here to help you get started with Rogo.

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