Test marking and results
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Test marking and results
Test authoring and item banking

Take your test marking online with ease

Rogo takes your eAssessment experience further than just completing the test – we offer a range of features that make marking and distributing results more straightforward than ever. From customisable marking options to test history and feedback, find out more about how Rogo streamlines your test marking and results delivery with a FREE demo.


Marking, your way

Want to mark all your assessments yourself? No problem. Want it to be fully automated? That’s fine, too. Or maybe a combination of the two? Rogo offers a completely customisable approach to marking so that you can maximise your experience.

Test marking and results
Test marking and results

Stress-free results delivery

Rogo can distribute results to students for you, either via email or text, to streamline the delivery process. Plus, with the option to include embedded feedback, students can access the information they need with ease.

Visual representations

With Rogo, you never have to wonder how your students are progressing. We provide visual improvement charts to show performance in marked assessments, as well as time management graphs to demonstrate how your students work.

Test marking and results
Test marking and results

Trusted results, every time

There’s no need to worry that your assessment marks are incorrect, thanks to Rogo’s wide range of reviewing options. From anonymous re-marking for increased accuracy to results approval stages, you can be sure that your students receive fair results.


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