Kaplan – Integration With 3rd Party Systems


Kaplan Financial are a leading training provider for accountancy qualifications from all the main accountancy awarding bodies, with offices around the globe.  Kaplan have a number of 3rd party systems that are used to record student information and manage course activity.

Kaplan required a learning platform that was able to replicate tests designed by all of the main accountancy awarding organisations and delivered across a number of different platforms.  The types of questions and their complexity differ from awarding organization to awarding organization and the way tests operate differs from delivery provider to delivery provider.  Rogo can easily replicate the “look and feel” of exams from all awarding organisations.

The Challenge

Data from Kaplan’s candidate management systems needed to seamlessly flow into Rogo in order to provide eligibility permissions and data needed to flow from Rogo to these systems for course management and tutor information.  The 3rd party systems had been developed over time to meet Kaplan’s specific requirements. This meant that the 3rd party systems were not configured as originally specified and data was not being provided exactly as expected. The possibility of project creep required strong project management, clear and open communication and acceptance by both sides that there would be a trade-off between achieving timescales and incorporating everyone’s additional requirements. 

The Solution

Rogo’s development team worked to adapt Rogo’s API endpoints to enable the required data flows.

Kaplan’s professional approach to project management and clearly defined processes, together with Eintech’s documented procedures meant that additional requirements were carefully managed and extensions to timelines identified early and incorporated into the plan. Additional requirements not accommodated for in the initial onboarding were documented and scheduled for implementation at a later date.  

The Results

Rogo’s comprehensive data analysis and reporting functionality also meant that Kaplan realised that they had access to much more data than previously thought and therefore were able to pull more data from Rogo than anticipated.  During the pandemic, Kaplan were able to use Rogo to support student communication and provide detailed feedback to students on practice exam responses. Students can create their own practice exams, concentrating on areas of weakness.