James Carter (CEO and Founder of Eintech Ltd, creators of the Rogo eAssessment platform) unveiled a new item type to an audience of 1000 people during the Innovations in Testing Conference
2024, which was held in Anaheim, California. 

The feature roadmap for Rogo is heavily influenced by discussions with the user community, and the  ‘Free-hand graph drawing tool’ was created after one organisation expressed the desire to bring every feature of their paper exams fully on-screen, including a students ability to analyse data and draw relevant charts and reports. Other current users of the platform quickly reacted to the prototype when discussed suggesting it also has use cases for mathmatical questions and working with floorplans or blueprints. 

The demonstration was one of four making up the finals of an ‘Innovation Fast Pitch’ session, where testing organisations are invited to demonstrate a new product or feature with a few minutes ‘elevator pitch’ before facing a panel of gruelling judges. 

Eintech fought off competition from around the world to appear at the event, with other finalists representing the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. Each innovation covered a different topic, including continuous learning, formative testing, and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS).

Watch and listen to James’ presentation in the video below to hear more about the potential benefits of using such question types, and how test interaction data could be used to assist students and test takers by improving the user interface of a test’s design. 



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