Branding and sub-portals
Custom branding for your eLeaning experience

Branding and sub portals
Test authoring and item banking

Build your own eLearning platform with customisable branding

Your eLearning platform needs to be cohesive with your overarching brand, and Rogo makes that happen. Create a portal that reflects your organisation, developing a sense of brand within your students and improving your company’s integrity. Find out more about Rogo’s custom branding options with a FREE demo.


Customise everything

It’s not just visual branding that you can customise with Rogo – from email servers to custom domains, the branding opportunities are limitless. With Rogo’s easy-to-use interface, custom branding has never been easier.

Branding and sub portals
Branding and sub portals

Your content, your brand

Rogo works in the background to make sure your company remains at the forefront. That’s why we offer completely branded interfaces, including custom colour schemes, logo placement and even bespoke web domains.

Hello! Χαίρετε! こんにちは!

From English to Greek and Japanese and many more, Rogo supports a range of languages and alphabets so that your eLearning platform is accessible for all of your global students. Need a different language? Talk to us and we can make it happen.

Test authoring and item banking
Branding and sub portals

Multiple brands for your partners

Are you working with multiple partners? Or maybe using a range of learning providers? Create a sub-portal with individualised branding for each one, keeping your partnerships separate but maintaining your brand integrity.


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