Are you making the most of eLearning?

The swift uptake of eLearning platforms was a crucial step in maintaining a sense of normality during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their popularity has continued to grow despite restrictions for in-person learning being lifted. The global EdTech sector is estimated to be worth $275bn, and with UK schools having spent £1bn on digital learning tools in the last five years alone, we are continuing to see trends emerging in the market. 

Here at Rogo, we believe that eLearning should be seen as a positive alternative to in-person teaching, and as more educational institutions and course providers continue to make the switch to digital learning, it’s vital that they choose the correct platform to suit their individual needs. But how can tutors and students make the most out of their eLearning platform? And how can they decipher what works best for them when there are so many options available? Read on to discover the top three features of eLearning platforms that can help you make the most of your online learning experience, whatever your needs.


The switch to online learning can be an overwhelming experience for students who may be unfamiliar with the new software, its features and the way it operates. However, automated reminders and nudges are a great way for tutors to keep students enthused about their studies. What’s more, they can also help to reduce stress by taking the pressure off students, which in turn is likely to keep student retention rates high. 

Automation also enables students to receive their results quicker, allowing tutors more time to focus on their course delivery strategy as well as having more time to address individual student needs. 

And it’s not just the overall eLearning process that teachers should be considering either. Automation can also help to streamline the onboarding process for students, meaning tutors don’t have to take the time to process registrations. From taking fee payments to automatic tutor allocation, automated onboarding means that students are supported from the very beginning, regardless of location.

At Rogo, we believe that teachers and students shouldn’t have to do everything themselves, especially when it comes to admin-related tasks such as setting reminders and issuing student results. That’s why we believe that utilising your platform’s automation capabilities is one of the simplest – and most effective – ways to make the most of the software. 


There’s no denying that digital training offers more flexibility compared to in-person learning. One of the key benefits to eLearning is that it allows students to learn from anywhere at a time that suits them, without the commitment of needing to attend classes in-person. 

For busy, working professionals who may not always have the capacity to attend regular classes, the flexibility of online learning helps to create a positive work-study balance.This in turn can help to improve motivation and productivity amongst students, allowing them to work through modules at their own pace, and when they work best.

However, it’s not just students that can benefit from the flexibility of online learning. Teachers are able to further streamline their course offerings, helping to simplify the transition from in-person to online learning for both parties.


Another way to ensure you’re getting the most out of online training is by taking advantage of the improved analytics available. Analytical insights are a great way of tracking student progress , and can help determine if additional support is needed on an individual basis. 

With online learning, data can be provided immediately and turned into meaningful insights that teachers might struggle to find through traditional learning. Offering this quality data to teachers can  help them to improve the learner experience as data can be shared in a clear and engaging format, improving the feedback experience for students. With eLearning software, tutors also have the ability to share student progress with partner institutions, as well as sharing group metrics so cohorts can be examined as whole.

There is no denying that in-person learning still has its rightful place in the education sector. However, moving your course offerings online can be a positive alternative to classroom-based learning and improve student accessibility. At Rogo, we understand that the growing number of eLearning platforms available, each with unique features, can make the process difficult to navigate. But taking these tips into consideration can help you make the most of your eLearning platform, whatever your individual needs may be.If you want to find out how Rogo can help you understand the features available and develop a unique package for your needs, get in touch with us today.