2023 – What a year for the Rogo team!

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2023 has been a fantastic year for Eintech and the Rogo team, and we hope yours was too.

Join us for a look back over some highlights of the past 12 months.

We started with a bang as our partnership with Reed In Partnership (or more specifically ‘Reed Assessment’) officially launched. The first joint project was working with the Department for Work and Pensions on the ‘Mid-Life MOT’.

Reed Assessment directly own and manage over 135 Test Centres across the UK and include the DVSA Driving Theory Test among their 4.4 million+ exam deliveries each year, so needless to say they’re a great partner to have available to the Rogo community.

You can learn more about their dedication to compliance, security and candidate comfort over at reedassessment.com.

Over the year we grew closer to the Reed team, co-sponsoring and speaking together as joint headliners of the summers eAssessment Association conference in London. Towards the end of the year we worked together again to co-exhibit at the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) conference and awards in Leicester.

Speaking of events, we had a great day at the FAB EPAO event, meeting new people at the World of Learning, and seeing winners collect their PQ Awards (By the way – don’t miss the nominations for the 2024 PQ Awards here.)

September saw the team leave the UK for the first time to attend the EATP conference (European Association of Test Publishers) in Vienna, and our Head of Product, Anna-Kate Phelan, would go even further to represent us in the US at ICE Exchange.

In 2024 you can catch us speaking and exhibiting as a part of the ATP Innovations in Testing line up in Anaheim California!

Then in October we welcomed John Worne, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Linguists to be the (hugely popular) guest speaker at the very first ‘Rogo Day’ – A video of his presentation should be available soon, and we’re planning more of these so make sure to sign up for email alerts!

What about the Rogo platform? As expected there have been some great additions over the last 12 months.

Most notably, in July we made significant changes to the administration screens based on feedback from users, and we also completed integration of the popular anti-plagiarism platform Turnitin.

To show off these developments in an easy-to-access demo format, the Rogo product and customer services teams came together to pilot a new webinar series alongside the usual release notes – something that was immediately popular with users – interacting with the presenters live during the stream! We’re hosting a whole calendar of new events which are being planned for 2024.

The first of these is a deep-dive into the advanced marking features available to Rogo users, taking place Tuesday 13th February – details will be added to LinkedIn soon and the best way to be notified is to follow our company page.

So that’s the whistle stop tour of 2023 – and already we’ve added things to the 2024 list that we can’t wait to shout about as we get a bit further into the year, so get in touch and stay on top of all the great Rogo announcements coming up!