Rogo update webinar – September 2023

In this webinar you will:

  • Discover the latest innovations in question authoring and how others will be using them
  • See how Rogo can help make test construction more efficient
  • Watch insightful introductions to improved UX admin pages in Rogo
  • Be introduced to advanced in-response marking and feedback features
  • Learn how to make the most of integration with other admin platforms
  • Hear how our partnership with Reed Assessment can enhance your delivery




The following questions were asked in the webinar:

Question: With Auto Test Construction, can [Rogo] support question selection based on multiple characteristics – for example ‘P value’ (difficulty level)?

Answer: Yes, Rogo does support multiple criteria in automated test generation. For a more detailed answer please refer to Anna’s comments in the webinar video at 29 minutes 35 seconds.

Question: The reading ruler feature is a great one. Can you pick the colour of the overlay?

Answer: At the time of this stream, the reading ruler is designed to work with one colour, however we are discussing with Rogo users how we might update this feature to better assist candidates with additional needs. For a more detailed answer please refer to Anna’s comments in the webinar video at 30 minutes 08 seconds.



What is Rogo Live?

Rogo Live is our concept for platform focused webinars. Join the team behind Rogo as we talk to users about their tips and tricks, demonstrate updates to the platform, and showcase upcoming features.

Sounds great, how do I watch?

Webinars will be added to the website shortly after streaming, but the best way is to watch live.

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Can I ask questions?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! We’ll be monitoring questions as they come in during the live stream and answering as many as we can during the event.