Rogo beats worldwide competition to appear as a ‘Innovation Fast Pitch’ finalist.

Overview James Carter (CEO and Founder of Eintech Ltd, creators of the Rogo eAssessment platform) unveiled a new item type to an audience of 1000 people during the Innovations in Testing Conference2024, which was held in Anaheim, California.  The feature roadmap for Rogo is heavily influenced by discussions with the user community, and the  ‘Free-hand graph […]

Meet the Eintech team at AAC 2024

The Eintech team are heading to Birmingham for the Annual Apprenticeship Conference 2024! Exhibiting for the first time, we can’t wait to share the Rogo Platform with more Training Providers and EPAOs than ever before. We’re also excited because this is the first time we’re exhibiting alongside our friends at ACE360! Through seamless software integration […]

2023 – What a year for the Rogo team!

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Use the audio player below to listen to the article: 2023 has been a fantastic year for Eintech and the Rogo team, and we hope yours was too. Join us for a look back over some highlights of the past 12 months. We started with a bang as our partnership with Reed In Partnership (or […]

Navigating the Future of Education: 7 Insights from the 2023 FAB Conference 2023

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In a rapidly changing educational landscape, the 2023 FAB Conference offered a wide range of insight and direction. From the urgent need to rethink productivity and skill strategies to the evolving role of AI in learning (it wouldn’t be a conference in 2023 without mentioning AI after all!), the conference painted a vivid picture of […]

Making the most of your remote proctoring software

Remote proctoring software

Remote proctoring (or invigilation if you prefer not to use the American term) software has been an indispensable aspect of online remote assessment’s success, helping increase remote exam integrity and trustworthiness as well as improving flexibility. From being a little-used tool in early 2019, to being the major way of securing online remote assessments in […]

What will eAssessments look like in 2027?

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The pandemic fast-tracked the use of online assessment platforms for professional qualifications. But will the development of eAssessment continue to move with the same lightning speed, and if so, what will they look like in 2027? Will pen and paper exams eventually become a thing of the past? Technology has revolutionised the learning and assessment […]

What would have happened if eAssessments hadn’t been invented?


The year 2020 wasn’t long ago, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought a new world of physical distancing, partial and total lockdowns, government-mandated masks and food shortages that forced the world to a standstill.  The Professional training and assessment sector was particularly affected, with test centre and training centre closures and distance learning becoming more important […]

Using eLearning as a constant mentor

eLearning blog

In 2019, the global Edtech sector was estimated to be worth $200bn. And, as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated market growth even further, the global eLearning market is now set to be worth $400bn by 2026. Although there is no denying that there is a level of personalised support that comes with face-to-face learning, students who […]

Are you making the most of eLearning?

eLearning blog

The swift uptake of eLearning platforms was a crucial step in maintaining a sense of normality during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their popularity has continued to grow despite restrictions for in-person learning being lifted. The global EdTech sector is estimated to be worth $275bn, and with UK schools having spent £1bn on digital learning tools […]