Making the most of your remote proctoring software

Remote proctoring software

Remote proctoring (or invigilation if you prefer not to use the American term) software has been an indispensable aspect of online remote assessment’s success, helping increase remote exam integrity and trustworthiness as well as improving flexibility. From being a little-used tool in early 2019, to being the major way of securing online remote assessments in […]

ACCA, ICAEW, and AAT remote invigilation: How remote proctoring can benefit accountancy exams

Accountancy exams are increasingly available as remote assessments, but a key barrier for most organisations is concern around maintaining exam integrity. While traditional testing centres provide in-person invigilators to keep an eye on candidates, awarding organisations may be concerned that the same level of integrity cannot be protected during online assessments. However, remote invigilation offers […]

What will eAssessments look like in 2027?


The pandemic fast-tracked the use of online assessment platforms for professional qualifications. But will the development of eAssessment continue to move with the same lightning speed, and if so, what will they look like in 2027? Will pen and paper exams eventually become a thing of the past? Technology has revolutionised the learning and assessment […]

Taking Assessments Remotely

remote learning

Remote invigilation is here to stay. It allows candidates to take a high-stakes assessment in the comfort of their own home without the need to travel to a test centre and enables awarding organisations to deliver tests to large and small cohorts anywhere in the world. Candidates are monitored by sharing their screen with an […]