Advanced Marking Features in Rogo – February 2024

In this webinar you will benefit from learning how :

  • Combining computer and human marking can maximise efficiency, with full peace of mind
  • On-screen graphics create a simple, aesthetic, user friendly interface
  • Your markers are assisted by model answers and the intuitive scoring criteria system
  • You can easily assign exams to different markers
  • Automated and bespoke feedback helps guide candidates towards further learning
  • Comment visibility permissions helps teachers and faculty assist each other
  • Trust the process with anonymized ‘double blind’ marking, control items and configurable user profiles

Q: Can we seed non-live scripts in Rogo to help train examiners?

A: Yes, you can create ‘dummy’ students and submit scripts for training.

Q: Can we review marker performance over time?

A: You can track marker performance via our multi-level marking flows.