Rogo webinar – May 2nd 2024

Join Ben Brady (Head of Marketing), Dilpreet Suglani (Product Manager) and our special guest Anna Howard –  Head of Qualifications and Membership at CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy).

In part 1, Dilpreet demonstrated two upcoming features – the hotly anticipated mathematical formula editor, and the ‘Free-hand Graph Drawing tool’ (Innovations Fast Pitch finalist).

Following this, Anna Howard talks a little about how CIPFA is taking advantage of features in Rogo to create candidate focused exams with true-to-life question types, and secure remote invigilation.
During the discussion with Anna, Dilpreet was on hand to demonstrate favourite features of CIPFA and other accounting qualification organisations.

In this webinar you will benefit from:

  • hearing how CIPFA develop and deliver secure high stakes exams for finance professionals.
  • learning how and why the Free-hand Graph Drawing Tool and Mathematical Formula Editor were developed (and see them in action).
  • being introduced to the Spreadsheet Question Type and learning how it’s used for high stakes accountancy exams to emulate real world situations.
  • a demonstration of the Rogo ‘Follow Through Marking’ functionality – allow automatic scoring to reward correct workings in the event of a mis-typed answer.
  • discovering how other organisations use Rogo to create true-to-work exams, and how training providers across the world are preparing their students by emulating popular exam providers like AAT, ACCA and more.

Questions asked in this webinar:

Q: Candidates often worry that (exam software) may lose their input responses during the exam. When and how often spreadsheet question responses are saved?

A: In Rogo, spreadsheets and essay question types are saved every 30 seconds, whereas other interactive question types are saved on response.

Q: Do you have a spread sheet question type with spread sheet functionality that can be automatically marked on the roadmap?

A: Auto marking spreadsheets is something we are looking into for a future Rogo development. By continuing to investigate the responsible use of AI and working together with our user community, we hope to talk more about this potential feature in the near future.

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